Benefits of Central bank of India

August 25, 2023

Benefits of Central bank of India
1- Lowest rate of Interest

2- 0% Processing Charges

3- Calculation on Daily reducing balance
4- No pre payment part payment penalty

5- No capping on part payment amount can part pay small amounts like 5k 10k also
6- Can, part pay or foreclose loan just after 5 days of disbursement No lock-in period
7- Can Part pay multiple times in a month

8- Can part pay through net banking. No need to come to branch for Part payment

9- Branches at every station. Easy to reach. 10 Trusted Brand Govt bank.

11- Reliable to keep original property paper
12- Not hard on recovery.
13 MSME, SME, Personal loan business loan availabe at lower interest for existing customers.
14 Max gain account facility(Interest saver account)
15- Rate linked to repo rate RLLR Rate.

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